Global Search

Valuable content is lost or misplaced everyday between coworkers. Using multiple folder shares and sub-folder infrastructure, these ownerless data share dungeons have grown to virtually unmanageable proportions. Enter TACTIC | ServerAssist, the simplest way to manage data.

Turbo Charged

Following a comprehensive analysis, and ingest of your server's content, we turbo charge simple OS searches by up to 4000% within TACTIC. Ingested content is found using advanced search vectoring, and displayed to you via an ever-evolving TACTIC ranking system that gives you the actionable results you need. File version, and controlled metadata can be added and edited as easily as you find your content.

Simple Design

Simplicity and consistency in and out is at the core of the user experience with TACTIC | ServerAssist. With layers of powerful complexity brimming under the surface, we provide the easy answer to the question: “Where on the server is it?” The answer: “TACTIC | ServerAssist has it.”


Open Source

As quickly as the global visual effects industry has changed, so have the number of applications, collaborations, and distribution networks used to complete work on time and on budget. Gone are the days of one-workflow-fits-all. The need to evolve department pipelines as the job progresses independent of the project is now a necessity rather than a luxury.

Fine Tuned

Working with international effects houses and industry leaders, Southpaw Technology has defined the core pipeline configurations and features required to get the job done. The ability to easily access the TACTIC framework underneath the VFX Best Practice App means that you can continue to fine-tune your experience and level of integration as much as your teams require. We can even help you with that!

Powerfully Simple

Asset, Shot, and Sequence management, with full review and approval pipelines come as standard, reference and reusable asset libraries are effortlessly exchanged between managed departments and groups. In an industry that continually demands perfection, Southpaw delivers an open source masterpiece to current industry offerings.



Sync and Share

Southpaw Technology engineers designed TACTIC | aSync out of necessity. Southpaw needed a way to manage massive data sets for their clients with distributed locations and the need to access shared data across dispersed remote teams. A one-rule-fits-all was not the solution.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Using TACTIC as the database management layer, TACTIC | aSync offers a revolutionary way for globally distributed companies to work on and share assets in real-time. By transmitting data and information instantly and asynchronously, TACTIC ensures that all data, and all transactions made on it, are up to date no matter where in the world (or in what time zone) that data is worked on or stored.

Structuring Chaos

TACTIC core features such as, check-ins, event triggers, undo, versioning, tasks, notes, and more are all supported. When a company truly combines TACTIC | aSync with the power of TACTIC, what emerges is an efficient data and asset management solution; delivering detailed work in progress, indexed assets, and temporal data distribution capable of complex review and approval, as well as client and employee access, globally.


Open Source

TACTIC 4.5 is the industry’s most advanced open source DAM software and continues its metamorphosis in one of the largest Python frameworks ever deployed. On the surface, our most recent transformation is visual; but under the hood, the ever-expanding feature sets and workflow automation modules continue to grow from strength to strength.

Workflow Automation

Recently added or enhanced features include a powerful ingest tool, a comprehensive work-in-progress jobs module, highly configurable search capabilities, and pipeline automation.

Create | Order | Deliver

New messaging, Gantt charting, detailed reporting, multi-language support and collaboration tools have all been added to this new release, making TACTIC simply the best open source DAM solution on the planet.

Coming September 2014

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