Manage Media

TACTIC | Media Library lets you easily upload and manage your collections of audio, photos, videos and more. With powerfully simple administration features, search, distribute and track your content as it seamlessly moves through production pipelines to your customers.

Easy Access

“It has to be simple!” TACTIC | Media Library was constructed with simplicity at its core. However, don’t let the ease of use fool you. Under the hood lies a feature rich TACTIC framework managing your content as you evolve with it.

TACTIC | Media Library integrates effortlessly with LDAP to provide a secure sharing process. Defined workgroups can send branded material to staff and clients with confidence, without having to rely on creative departments to download, resize and re-format media in advance of distribution.



Manage and control your media with TACTIC | Media Library. A comprehensive solution that helps streamline the distribution of digital assets across all of your marketing channels, with Enterprise level security.



Import & Manage Content

LDAP Integration

Dynamic Approval

Administrative Portal



Simple Search & Preview

Content Tagging

Public & Private Data

Available Anywhere



Media Conversion

Infinitely Scalable

Metadata Extraction

Personalized Interface


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