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Using the TACTIC framework, you can design a range of powerful asset and workflow management solutions capable of handling your growing data challenges. Our Professional Services team is also available to assist you in quickly extending the functionality of TACTIC.


Powerful Workflow Automation (PWA)

TACTIC manages and automates workflows. The content life cycle of digital assets is managed through a workflow tracking system on top of an industrial scale DAM system. It connects all aspects of an enterprise through its open API.

TACTIC’s mission is to constantly improve workflow management. This is done through proper handling of work orders. Each work order can be broken up into multiple items with the ability to have each of their workflows defined. Workflows can be customized through interactive tools and can mix user decision making with automated, conditional, and approval processes.


Digital Asset Management (DAM)

TACTIC makes managing huge volumes of digital assets easy. It provides organizations of any size with all of the tools and technologies they need to securely store, organize, search, version, tag, track, and share digital content. And with customizable HTML5 themes, organizations can interact with data in the manner that suits them best.


Map to any database Automatically create organized file structures
Checkin/checkout/versioning Customize views for interacting with data
Tag assets and group related files Define user access


Workflow and Project Management

TACTIC lets companies create workflows that move digital assets through the creation process quickly and efficiently. Assign and view tasks, create projects, see who is working on what, automate asset movement with event triggers – all of this functionality is built right into TACTIC. Customizable HTML5 themes provide the flexibility to design ways of interacting with assets that match your organization’s best practices. Connect TACTIC workflow and project management to its DAM feaures, or use TACTIC as a stand-alone project management solution – the choice is yours.


Gantt charts Time tracking
Calendars and scheduling Notes
Event triggers Real-time reporting


Business Process Management (BPM)

Many companies have workflows unique unto themselves. Open source TACTIC offers the code and customizability to design a data-driven workflow or application capable of improving any business process. Whether it’s automating the creative order entry system and tying it to time tracking and invoicing, designing a better way to keep customers informed of a project’s status, or simply sharing files between disparate databases, using TACTIC for BPM is the answer.


Business Intelligence (BI)

What does an asset cost a company to create? How much should a company charge its client for its services? These questions often plague financial executives, primarily because they are very difficult to answer without a technical way to connect asset creation to time, billing and invoicing. With its built-in expression language, TACTIC can connect to most internal systems, whether they are new or legacy systems. This provides companies with powerful insights that feed directly into strategic decisions.


Data Ingestion

As companies grow, so too do their data headaches. Eventually companies decide that central repositories and organized file structures are needed. Without a solution like TACTIC, getting all of the data into a central location is a huge challenge. TACTIC simplifies the data ingestion process by making it as easy as dragging and dropping files into an ingestion widget. From there, TACTIC automatically places the assets where they need to go and applies a company’s predefined file structure to that data. Rules can be applied to the data to notify key individuals when files or file types are ingested.


TACTIC | aSync

TACTIC | aSync offers a revolutionary way for globally distributed companies to work on and share assets in real-time. By transmitting data and information instantly and asynchronously, TACTIC ensures that all data, and all transactions made on that data, are up to date no matter where in the world (and in what time zone) that data is worked on or stored. Check-ins, event triggers, undo, versioning, tasks, notes, and more are all supported.

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