TACTIC Features
Database Mapping

Many organizations have a large number of disparate or legacy databases filled with years of data. Rather than migrating from them, a single TACTIC installation can push/pull data from multiple databases and deliver that data to users with one unified experience.

  • Works with most popular databases: SQLServer, MySQL, PostgresQL, SQLite, Oracle and MongoDB
  • Mine data without programming with TACTIC’s Expression Language
  • TACTIC works in disparate database environments
  • TACTIC can scale to the size of any business


File (Asset) Management

TACTIC stores digital files in an organized, central and secure repository. It then allows you to quickly version and track files, or use associated metadata to find whatever you need.

  • Securely store files in a highly scalable, central repository
  • Find files, tasks and notes with powerful search tools
  • Automate the creation of your file structure
  • Automate naming conventions
  • Version control files and notes
  • Rollback to previous file versions
  • Package and deliver files with ease
  • Import/Export CSV data
  • Easily check files in and out of your filesystem
  • “In-Place” checkins for large files
  • Drag n’ Drop Ingestion Widget


Template Design and Customization

HTML5-based Themes, along with a number of customization tools, let you create interfaces, views and widgets that assist you in moving files through your organization.

  • Integrates with Java, Javascript, Python, C# and .NET platforms
  • Create interfaces, views and widgets using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript
  • Easily extend the functionality of TACTIC with its powerful plugin architecture
  • Available on any device: desktops, laptops, mobile devices


Workflow Automation

Built-in functionality for workflow automation, such as a node-based editor, triggers and a central message system, gives you a powerful workflow backend to the custom templates and interfaces.

  • Create a Unique File-Based Workflow with a Node-Based Workflow Editor
  • Define Unique Workflows at the Company or Project Level
  • Customize User and Workflow Views
  • Create Triggers to Automate Workflow Events
  • Communicate Better with Automated Notifications
  • Build Custom Workflow Widgets
  • Built-in messenger system


Task and Project Management

TACTIC’s built-in project management features connect files to people, tasks, calendars and notes.

  • Set up projects quickly with a project wizard
  • Create project templates to speed project setup
  • Create Gantt charts
  • Set and manage project schedules, milestones, and budgets
  • Schedule tasks, track time and view task status
  • Create user-defined dashboards
  • Reports show real-time project status and resource allocation information
  • Print any view or report
  • See all tasks in a calendar view
  • Track everything with robust note-taking tools


Powerful API

TACTIC can bind disparate applications into a single workflow platform. Every file at every level in the enterprise can be tracked and managed in real-time, providing complete transparency to the lifecycle of your data.

  • Robust API speeds the creation of 3rd party integrations
  • All TACTIC tools are available through our Python and Javascript APIs
  • TACTIC API supports XMLRPC for web-based API access
  • All transactions are undo-able including custom configurations



TACTIC creates a secure interface that can be accessed over the Internet by teams, departments and global organizations. Full security controls guarantee assets can only be viewed or edited by authorized team members. Even at the lowest API level, security is always enforced.

  • Fine-tune access to TACTIC
  • Watermark images
  • Define security at the API level
  • Implement custom authentication scenarios
  • Synchronize TACTIC to existing active directory LDAP systems
  • Maintain a read-only file system to avoid file loss or deletion