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Workflow. Tasks. Assets.

Everything you need to streamline projects
for Creative Teams.

Store both project data and project files

Visually create Workflows

Workflow Automation

Task Scheduling and Reporting

TACTIC | Project

TACTIC | Project is workflow project management focused on getting jobs complete, going beyond simple task management. With user-created workflows to define and automate the steps in your process and ability track all your project files with your project instead of a disconnected shared drive, your entire project can be managed in one place.

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TACTIC | Media Library

Brings simplicity to Media Asset Management. Ingest and Store any number of files of any type. Keywords are automatically extracted with the ability to add more. Organize using collections and carts and share with others.

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Robust Digital Asset Management

Automatic Keyword Extraction

Organize and Share

Simple Ingest of Files

Human Readable File Repository

Dynamic Widget CMS

Intgrated Workflow Engine

Comprehensive Development API

TACTIC | Open Source

TACTIC | Open Source is platform for building enterprise applications. It integrates a robust and flexible Digital Asset Management system, a Workflow Engine and a dynamic Web widget framework to produce a comprehensive development environment for building robust end user applications.

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Manage the complete project lifecycle using your workflow.

Connect all vital pieces of a project together. Effectively manage projects by breaking down job tasks into workflows and storing all project assets within the workflow of the project.

  • Jobs with Workflow and Assets
  • Track jobs with their deliverables through workflow. Each workflow defines its own processes with tasks and digital assets and automated scripts.
  • Create your workflows
  • Visually create workflows which match your unique processes. Mix manual tasks with automated processes, approvals and decision trees. An integrated workflow engine drives the entire project through these defined processes.
  • Relate Files to Projects
  • Closely relate project tracking with project files. Maintain a clean separation between “Work in Progress” assets and finished approved assets. Make finished asset available to the next process.
  • Project Life cycle
  • Manage jobs through their entire process lifecycle from conception to final delivery. Track their progression through your defined content workflows.
  • Digital Asset library
  • Easily import assets into the system and the metadata will automatically be extracted from files. Organize with collections, custom folder structures and custom tags. Quickly find and repurpose finished approved assets.
  • Eliminate Project Disorder
  • Get rid of messy spreadsheets and cluttered folder structures on a shared folder. Complete your project deliveries under single simple-to-use framework which manages both the workflow processes and all the related files.

Our growing base of customers include


"The TEGNA Design Tank services the motion graphic needs of TEGNA’s 46 broadcast television stations. TACTIC quickly rose to the top due to its flexibility, extensibility, and ability to easily adapt to our custom workflow needs."

- TEGNA Design Tank

"They provided the key expertise needed to build a production pipeline that will enable P&G to build and deploy real-time 3D assets in a much more automated way, increasing our speed and agility, which allows us to focus more time on our core business, and less on managing assets and processes."

- Procter & Gamble

"Southpaw Technology's TACTIC makes our production of multiple large scale video game titles secure and efficient. The technology behind Tactic is exactly what we needed and Southpaw showed us how we needed it deployed. We evaluated many pieces of technology, including building our own. TACTIC was the winner because of the ease of setup and integration and long-term implications for us. Their support is proactive, speedy and resourceful."

- Turbine

"After looking at multiple solutions, we decided to employ TACTIC for two reasons: flexibility and price. No other solution on the market was capable of integrating so easily into their processes for the price. At the end of the day, the goal of TACTIC is not just to simplify asset management and automate manual tasks. Ultimately it is to improve openness, inclusion and oversight across the company. In an organization as large as Astral, these goals are what make TACTIC indispensable."

- DHX Media

"TACTIC is what finally brought our workflow out of the dark ages and these days, we wouldn't be without it. As soon as we sat down with Southpaw it was clear that their product was born out of real world needs by industry veterans and was created to be flexible and adaptive enough to scale to any production. As we've continued to work with Southpaw over the years, we have come to appreciate how extremely agile and responsive they've been to our needs - as well as how frequently they implement product enhancements."

- Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

"The tight integration between production management and asset management contributes to enhanced productivity in our department — essential in our fast-paced newsroom support role"

- TEGNA Design Tank

"TACTIC automates and simplifies complex tasks so our artists can focus on imagining and creating groundbreaking content, not on managing it."

- Saatchi & Saatchi

"We wanted a new system to streamline our workflow and task management. TACTIC offered the perfect system for that."

- Soho VFX

"TACTIC is designed to help companies manage productions today, and scale as productions grow."

- ToonBox Entertainment

"With TACTIC, Southpaw Technology has provided P&G a solution unique in the industry—combining workflow management with content management, and making every piece of activity within the system transactional."

- Procter & Gamble

"TACTIC gave us an easy-to-install, easy-to-use system that we could quickly customize to our specific workflow."

- Legend3D

"we have been able to quickly roll out tight integrations with our front end applications, including Adobe Creative Suite and MAXON Cinema 4D, thanks to TACTIC’s powerful and flexible API. The team at Southpaw Technology have been responsive and helpful in getting our system in place, tuned, and ready for production. I highly recommend TACTIC."

- TEGNA Design Tank

"TACTIC, is easily set to revolutionize the 3D asset management industry – and not just asset management, but content pipelines and workflows in general."

- M2 Research

"Southpaw Technology has provided top-notch consulting, not just on the implementation of their product, but on creating more innovative, integrated workflows, unique to our assets and cross-continent asset creation vendors"

- Procter & Gamble

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